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This first installment of the SSP Fuel video blog series will give guide lines and examples of a sound pre-workout snack.Since they are slower, it will also be easier to count the rebounds.

Create a focused workout such as 3 sets of 10 single punches, where each punch must produced 6 rebounds.The speed bag can be use for any of the open hand techniques and punches, such as fist punches, Elbow Strikes, knife hands or Ridge hands.

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But regardless of speed bag skill, The goal of these workouts is to increase your physical efforts, not necessarily your speed bag ability.If you CAN pass your fists through, be sure and raise the elbow when you do, or you may mis-hit the bag.After a few workouts, add another punch, so you have to do at least 41 Right Front Straight Punches (FSP).Actually, slightly less air may add more benefit, since it will take more force to get the bag to rebound.We have used this device and seen it put to the test by many of the best speed baggers we know, punching as hard and fast as they can and the Speed Demon pushed them to the limit, giving immediate and accurate readouts.

Then jump to full speed, and go as fast as possible on that bag.This will continually monitor your punching speed for your last four punches, so you must maintain a constant punching speed for at least four punches.

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Once you can punch repetitively with speed and power, you can begin targeting specific benefits or training results.

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Natural Pre-Workout Supplements, WADA Compliant and IOC certified, manufactured in an NSF facility.Now go back the other way, while completing the punching combinations.Besides being a lot more fun, punching to music will also allow you to punch for a given amount of time at a constant speed.

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They are heavier, create more resistance and require more punching force to keep them going.

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As an example, perform your basic rhythm or preferred punching pattern and count the Right Front Straight Punches.During the routine, use the left arm only for 6-10 punches and then the right arm.On any size bag, most people can only maintain full speed for a short period of time.Get Rid Of Flabby Triceps Workout - Salomon Wellness Powerlifting competitions are.

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