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Last year I did a 1200 cal diet and lost 10lbs in 1 month alone, but it involved hours of figuring out what 3oz of chicken looked like and etc.I changed some of the NS meals for my next order and made sure I only ate the extra portions of foods that were right for my blood type.

Nutrisystem is a well-known brand in dieting, and has a line of protein shakes that are supposed to help with weight loss and management.I also tried the Sliver plan a couple months ago and found the food okay.But I knew for a while I got to lose about 30 pounds, probably more.We hope so, because when you come to a decision that you decide and not some salesman, then you have the satisfaction of knowing that you made it, not someone made it for you.I have already lost weight and am learning why I have been overweight through this program.They come in four flavors: coffee, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

If the pain persists, my first thought would be you need to see your doctor right away and get their opinion.It has come a long way from the 80s when you used to have to go to a weekly meeting and talk with a counselor and listen to speeches and pick your food out from racks in a warehouse like setting.

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I have not cheated at all but my blood pressure is going up some now which has me worried.Diverse: Huge selection of food choices for all tastes, wants and special dieter requirements.Hey Beatrice, that truly is amazing news, thanks for sharing your success with us.I lost 8lbs My first week, but I think a lot was fluid from eating so much bad food before.Nutrisystem Reviews. and includes a selection of foods and shakes for your first week.

Are you looking to sign up with Nutrisystem and are interested in finding out more about how you can get started right now.Well, the next 3 weeks my weight only dropped another 4 lbs and I ended the month at 131.Nutrisystem protein shakes are designed specifically for weight reduction and to work along with the NutriSystem Success Low Glycemic Index Program.Cost: You need to pay for a full four-week course of food at the outset (using a credit card helps spread this cost).Before NS I cooked very healthy, clean meals but portion size and eating too few meals a day left us both about 20 lbs over what we wanted to be.Hi Mary, I just read your comments and something similar happened to me back in May this year.

Do you have some suggestions as far as sticking to the Nutrisystem diet.I would like to give this a try as I am reading so many good words about this diet.Its well worth the higher cost for food I can eat and actually enjoy.I had weight loss surgery 3 years ago where my heaviest I weighed 276 lbs and my lowest 167lbs.Amazed cause I cheated a little in the first week cause I found the meals small and unsatisfying.The frozen meals came separately from Schwanns and about a half hour after, so that was pretty good timing.I wanted to eat better and not put back the weight I lost like I always used to on other diets.Nutrisystem is a great program to lose that amount of weight really easy.

Hey Vicki, sorry to hear you failed and gave up on the diet so soon.IF anything, it at least is teaching me to eat more salads and smaller portions.But since I began the nutrisystems plan a year ago, I LOVE IT.

Good luck with your progress and I hope things go real well for you.They have experts in-house that can help you, so DO make use if that service.

Accumulate fat from chest to pelvis, man boobs, muffin top. Pre N.S. diet was fairly healthy, no packaged meals, mostly homemade, just guilty of overeating and eating late.The next day I ate as normal and stayed off anything with sugar in it after that.

NS has a program that allows me to pick and choose my favorites so I want to enjoy the food I like at smaller portions and learn to snack well.I love the convenience of not having to make alot of decisions.How can anyone say the food is awful when its really pretty darn good considering what it is.I bike single track (kind of like HIT) 1.5 to 2 hours 5 days a week and switch up for a weight or calisthenics routine on the other two days.After the first week of food, I was told I should eat more, etc.I have done every diet around and follow strict food guidelines to get in shape and maintain normally.I do want to say that the food is actually very good at least all the ones I have had so far have been.I never feel like cooking after 12 hour shifts in a psychiatric ward.

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But in that first week I still lost 2 pounds and that made me feel good.See yourself as you want to look and spend some time playing the visualization game.Really, I am wider and a few pounds heavier than I was only 2 months ago.My weight has been an issue for years but was compounded when my Dad passed away.

The good news is that I still go out 1-2 times per week to our favorite bars and restaurants.So for anyone who is reading this and is not sure about what to do.

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